For the first time in a long wile, Ive decided to make another fan site
about one of my current favorite games that I cant help but wet my 
pants for.
If you have come here lurking for reasons to buy Suikoden 3 then look 
no further, I have an easy to underestand review, and from this point I 
can assure you that you will never regret buying this game.

Yeah well, This dude right here on the right is my favorite character.

Well enjoy your visit around here, and also DONT STEAL ANYTHING!


The latest------------------------------------

                                                             "Horrible News" October 30, 2002
Bad news, Brady games scrached the Suikoden guide.


                                                                     "The Guide" October 29, 2002
Theres a rumor around the net that Brady Games might
release a guide for Suikoden 3, this is a rumor, but I am
getting my hopes up.


                                                                           "Realesd" October 22,2002
Finally the massive RPG I have been waiting for and 
so have most of you. Konamis best game since Metal Gear 
is sure to tie me down to my room and throw away the key 
because Konami is promising  more than 100 combined hours 
and more after all chapters are revealed.



October 30, 2002


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