Episode 1

"Pegasus's Castle".  Pt-1


All the Duelers are informed, that to duel Maximillion they have to have one of the cards

that were sent to them with their invitation. One card is used to claim a soul and the other one is used to claim

the price money, they can only claim one. Joey received the Card to claim the money from Yugi,

the only one that doesnt have a  card is Bandit keith.

Each dueler got a piece of paper with a letter which decided who they were going to duel against, "Yugi Vs Mai" and  "Joey Vs Bandit".

Tristan, Bakura and Tea decide to go and look for some device with which they believe Pegasus cheated, they notice a hole in the wall that points to a tower, they climb the tower and aboid the goons.

Mean wile, Yugi starts hearing a  his grandpa's voice that tells him to find out the true power of his millenium puzzle which he should use to stop Pegasus, than Yugi spawns at his bed and he doesnt know if it was a dream or if it was real.

Bakura, Tristan and Tea enter the tower, somebody besides them turns on the light, the see a picture of a hot babe that looks like Mai. Pegasus walks in and sends them to the basement with his millenium eye, In the basement they see how Pegasus beats some cloaked dude in a duel "ancient Egypt style", they also notice that the painting of the hot babe is there too.

 When Pegasus is ready to remove their soul, Bakura's millenium item kicksin and the ancient spirit takes over Bakura (It was awesome!),Pegasus is in shock, than using the magic of the millenium ring the ancient spirit erases the memories of Pegasus, Tea, Tristan and the weird cloaked dudes.

At the end Bandit Keith is stealing Joey's  Cash price card.

Whos the woman in the painting?





It wasnt what I spected, There werent any duels, but the story line advanced a lot because of

the absence of any duels which ussually take most of the show, This episode also made me realize how cool Bakuras Millenium ring and the spirit within it are, that scene was the best in the entire episode.

 If their intention was to make me wonder about the woman in the painting , They succeeded, I cant wait for the next episode and find out who that broad is.