This game is very standard dueling stuff, u start and u can duel right away.

The game uses the password system to input your own custom deck, althoguh you

can input most cards, some are restricted like "reborn the monster" which for some reason

the game wont let me use, or other cards that simply dont have  a password.


Graphics:   3.0

Nothing out of the ordinary, when a card battles another card it just bumps the other card and the weakest one just dissolves unlike its PS counterpart.


Sound:   0.5

Pretty dum, I think there are only 2 songs and 2 sound effects in the game.


Gameplay: 2.0

If you duel you will catch on right away, even if you dont, the gameplay is pretty easy to learn.


Lasting appeal:  4.0

Huge lasting appeal, specially if you own actual decks, U can just duel over, and over

specially if you have anny friends which can duel with you, head to head battle is very entertaining.


Last comments:

Buy the PS version, its not much more expensive and more entertaining.



   Overall: 3.0


These are all scores based in a 1-5 scale