Character Bios



Yugi is a very particular dueler, he has a

millenium item in which resides the soul of

a Pharoh, when its time to duel the soul of

this ancient spirit takes over young Yugi's body.

Why is he so friggin short!?!? we shall see......



Joey is an interesting character, he some how while

living in japan developed a very, very thick Brooklyn accent

which by the way is very anoying.

Hes a good dueler but he still needs to be helped by yugi on the big

league games, he also has a very high temper.



This queer also has a millenium item, its called the millenium eye

and it lets him read people's mind, In my opinion hes a pretty sucky

dueler, the only way he has been able to win is by reading other duelers

minds or by using 1 of a kind cards.....bastard.

He has a lot of money too!



The hotest dueler, she has skills at dueling although

she cant get over those friggin harpie ladies, she gets

her way by seducting other duelers.

 Shes a realist and tells it like it is, she duels for the money

 and fame which is everybody's real reason.

She doesnt believe on any "save my grandpa" mombo-jombo!

Shes cool B-)



Hes the best all around dueler, hes got the strongest deck, hes got

mad dueling skills and he has no hart!. He doesnt get ibelieve in non

of the "heart of the cards" crap, hes just a solid dueler who doesnt need a mind

reading millenium item or to be possesed by a pharoh.



Mysterious dude who when dueling is also possesed by an ancient spirit,

a burglar to be precise, Hes a good dueler but he depends from the item

just like  "short stuff" yugi.

 I think hes related to pegasus somehow, cause they look alike.


Yugi's Grandpa:

Yugi with short hair and about 50 years from now, but surprisingly

hes still too friggin short!  aaaaaaagh!

Why! Why!?!? Why is he so short!?