Glitch Pics

Check these pictures i took some time ago but I was too cheap to buy a link cord....


look Ma!  I can fly!!!!      Here is when I started floating... I crashed into a building and got  out.. and what do you know .. im floating. but i got shot by triads and i fell..too bad.

You look like ants from here

Here is when i got on top of the tunel...yup..the tunel.

  You Vicious!

Where the hell is Joey??? Where the hell is my car!?! he toldme that he would have it ready for today...!



                                                         I guess im not the only sick ! in this town.


               I did a stunt jump in Portland in an Fbi car, it fell through the roof and just stayed there floating in mid air.. later it blew up.. weird...

You probably already seen this but.... this is the ambulance guy who hangs out with you until your car blows up!

I was crusing through portland, i ran over some ho and that skank  dropped 15 stacks of money!!!  I guess it was a good day for bussiness! 



                                                           Mr.whopee is so underated... just look!





                                You are one BAD  Son of a %#@$!!!