Gameshark Code Madness

Color changing code:

Color variation:







Jet Black cars:









These are pics for the color changing code, you can also make the cars BP,EP


You like these pics??? Well your friend Civer has the step by step instructions!

Train simulation jump code:

With this code u will be launched from anywhere as if u were hit by the train! 

dont believe me?? 

here are some pics! 


    So tellme can u do the same thing with a patriot and into shoreside vale?? I DONT THINK SO              


   How about with an esperanto?? 

Nooooooooooooo! **crashes into a building**

its not taht some cars disapear its just that they go flying into the horizon! 

dont put the no damage on and youll see the little flaming car blowing up in the horizon, its really funny


You think I fogot???? nope i didnt , civer is got the instructions for you!